Cascadas Suspendidas con Pica-Pica


Para reservar: +34 971 33 40 70 -

Cascadas Suspendidas con Pica-Pica. El Pica-Pica consiste en un zumo natural del día y tres tapitas saludables preparadas para la ocasión.

Duración: 45 minutos + disfrutar del Pica-Pica.

Disponible: entre las 15:00 y las 17:30.

Precio: 75€ por persona.

James 15-06-2016 18:38

Truly magical experience! Go with an adventurous state of mind and come out feeling blessed and sacred. A must do in Ibiza!

Mercedes 15-06-2016 15:35

We were not guests at the hotel but that is now on my wishing list.
We went to the spa and to have a drink afterwards. Absolutely marvellous!!!! The spa is in the open and on the cliff. Views are spectacular.
Very well organized, booking is needed,of course.
After passing through the different parts of the spa, you can have a pica- pica, and enjoy the surroundings.
You can also go to Na Xamena in the afternoon and admire a perfect sunset
A place to remember. I have been there on three different occasions. A must on the green and beautiful island.

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